The first publication from HoAm Presst will be BRAND LOYALTY

Publication in a limited edition will be on 20/10/2010.

The publication numbers are appropriately 20/10 which means there will be only 20 copies printed for sale  with 10 copies for reviews and other purposes.  So to be sure of a copy, you need to order in advance. When they’re gone they’re gone!   This is a very limited first edition!HoAm Presst represents an alternative view of publication.

Outside the market driven economy literature is fundamentally an artwork. Its value resides in its message.

Yes that’s right, the art lies in the work and the motive is communication not profit.  There is a world beyond capitalism. That is  my world.

For more information  or to reserve/buy your copy go to  You’ll be able to buy from July 1st with delivery for launch date of 20.10.2010

For more about BRAND LOYALTY go to where there is an ongoing blog with some information. If you go – leave a comment please!