I’ve observed a lot of FaceBook comments recently from writers who write good stuff but either can’t get it published or can’t make money from it.  Still they all seem to rigidly stick with the myth that mainstream publishing holds the answers….. I’m minded to stick in a passage from BRAND LOYALTY.

Technological advance eventually killed music as it killed all creativity. The battle over downloads was essentially an economic battle and when it became impossible to police the system or for the corporations to make money from the transactions, there was a moment when the ordinary people thought they’d won. You Tube and the like flooded the market with ‘free’ creativity until the stock in trade became so devalued that no one bothered any more. If people wanted stuff ‘free’ then the proto’ ULTIMATE® corporations would give them enough to stuff themselves like pigs at a trough. And quality turned to slops. It became impossible to find the good stuff amongst the rubbish and then it became impossible for most people to tell the difference.

What need was there to create music when there was no way to sell it, and what point in writing novels when no one else was interested in what you had to say? The logical conclusion of everyone being able to be as creative as they liked was that no one could be bothered any more because as any demand and supply economist could explain to you, the stage after diminishing returns was that the bottom dropped out of the market.

I think there is a big debate to be had over alternative means of publication – I mean it seems that I can earn as little money my way as folk do with agents/publishers etc – but I’m happier because I’m not being a) screwed over all the time or b) living on false hope.  Good luck to the people who get work published on the mainstream, but if you don’t actually write books for the mainstream audience it seems pointless going through the process…..  

Brand Loyalty is not trying to challenge JORDAN’S latest novel, just to be good honest writing for a discerning readership with an interest in the world, questioning natures, open minds and perhaps that hint of cynicism which makes them think the world isn’t quite all it’s made out to be by the mainstream media.   If that’s you – buy the book.