With the first edition virtually sold out (at present there are 3 copies left) thoughts have turned to the printing of the second edition.

The retail price will be £7.99 (with post and packaging it will come in at £9.99)

There are deals to be done! If you want multiple copies for a school group or reading group, and order before 10th September I can guarantee you a price of £5 per copy (on orders of 10 or more) and we’ll work out cost price postage.

But for this offer you HAVE to place orders before 10th September and you’ll get delivery by 20th October. (I have to place my finite order with printers on 10th September in order to get it turned round in time!)

Of course if you missed out on the first limited edition and want to get your hands on a copy of the second edition, then you can go to the SHOP and pre-order it as usual.  Click on PURCHASING for details or go straight from this link.  www.callyphillips.co.uk/pages/shop.html