Brand Loyalty has been getting reviews from ‘real people’ – readers who have obtained a copy by hook or crook and enjoyed it.  Some of these reviews will grace the inner pages of the 2nd Edition.  Here’s the best one so far….

‘Guaranteed to shock and extremely thought provoking, Brand Loyalty isn’t just ‘another copy of 1984’. It is a powerfully cautionary tale of how our ignorance and complacency could lead to the eventual surrender of our very personality – our thoughts – our memories… that is only an Idea. But the way the author executes that ‘thought process’ is so effective, not just because of the way it is written and its many points of literary merit, but because it is believable.

To create a world so ‘extreme’ but keep it believable is a metaphorical plate spinning exercise. But Cally Phillips keeps it terrifying and believable. A true dystopian masterpiece.  (Lauri Sim)

So – if this whets your appetite, pre-order a copy today by going to the purchasing link at the top of this site. Make sure you reserve your copy which will be available from 20.10.2010.