Brand Loyalty has now reached that strange hinterland between printing and publication, when Nielsen’s and other weird and wonderful middlemen (distributors etc etc) take their time getting it UP on the internet for you to buy.

The ISBN numbers you will need are (if numbers are your thing)

HoAmPress Publishing edition ( a sleek black cover with a barcode on the front) ISBN 9780956683809  OR

The alternative funky cover which features a motherboard/brain memory image in a lurid greenish colour (suitable for those under 40) 

ISBN 9781907986956

The one thing they have in common is that neither way will I actually make any profit out of your book purchase.  But hopefully you’ll profit from reading it as many before you have!!!! 

Don’t worry if you can’t find it on Amazon just yet, the publication date is not till 20.10.2010 and it will mean other people getting their finger out to get it online by this date. I’ve done what I can.  If you are DESPERATE to get one in time for launch date, you can pre-order the black cover version at my website (and if you’re REALLY REALLY desperate for a green cover one, I have 5 copies – same price) so just give me a message when you order.

I’ll keep you updated, believe me, as soon as greeny hits amazon I’ll be the first to know and let the world know.