A year to the day that Brand Loyalty launched in paperback and finally confident enough that it’s  going to happen, HoAmPresst announces that Brand Loyalty will be available in e-book format soon, with official publication date of 20/11/2011.

The process has been laborious. Not only learning how to do the conversion (then doing the conversion to a range of formats) but also trying to avoid becoming a slave to Amazon in the process.  Happy to announce that HoAmPresst has signed a distribution deal with our printers who are also moving into e-publishing and fingers crossed that the process will be as simple in that respect as getting published print work from them has always been.

The price (including VAT) will be £3.99 (can’t even begin to work that out in dollars or euros at the moment) and the e-book will contain a considerable amount of ‘extra’ information so that you get more for less!

More detail will be posted here, on facebook and at our website http://www.hoampresst.co.uk  and on facebook in due course.