Brand Loyalty will soon be available (digital gods notwithstanding) for ebook/ e-readers.

If you are a slave to Kindle you’ll be able to get it from Amazon with ISBN 978-0-9566838-2-3  it will work on kindle devices and on any of the free kindle for pc/smartphone apps.

If, like me, you’ve managed to avoid their sales pitch, you can get it as an epub book – this will work on all other e-readers and should read on smartphones too  ISBN 978-0-9566838-9-2

The date of publication is set for 20/11/2011 (obviously!) and who knows what the price will be.  All I can tell you is that the RRP including VAT (digital books are not exempt from VAT) will be £4.99 but you should get a decent discount from this price.  (more about pricing in another post)

When I have proper information of the hows/whys and where’s of downloading, I’ll let you know.  I hope I’ve cut a distribution deal which means that however you want your digital media you should be able to get it from somewhere.

I’d just suggest that you look BEYOND the world of Amazon if you possibly can, and if have any interest in keeping the world Ultimate free for just a few more years!

The next ebook to be published by HoAmPresst will be The Threads of Time (originally published 2003) and this is due out on1st December 2011.

The Amazon/Kindle version is  ISBN 978-0-9566838-1-6 and the

epub version is ISBN 978-0-9566838-6-1

Of course if you want to KEEP IT REAL you can buy Brand Loyalty for an Xmas present from the HoAmPresst site direct (please do that rather than buy from Amazon!)  and there are about 5 copies of first edition of  The Threads of Time left for purchase  as well.

Next year will see the e-publication of CHASING WAVES/BENITO BOCCANEGRA’S BIG BREAK in January and I’m working hard to keep a more or less one a month publication schedule throughout next year.  All you have to do is download them!!!

As a piece of anti Amazon advertising I can say that I’ve got a KOBO. They are a Canadian company and you can buy them from WHSmith (a British company) both of which I found more palatable.  The Kobo Touch is equivalent to the Kindle touchscreen which WE CANT GET in UK yet. (and around the same price) Getting hold of books isn’t a hardship and although they don’t make the big fuss of discounting etc that Amazon do, you soon notice most of that’s a sales pitch and you can pick up whatever you want at a reasonable price and still access all the free ‘classics’ you want.  It just requires moving away from the sheep/lemming like attitude we seem to have in this country at the moment that Amazon Kindle is all there is, simply because it’s the most obvious.  Take the road less travelled folks and consume your digital media another way!