Will have noticed that you can now actually download BRAND LOYALTY and THE THREADS OF TIME in Kindle format despite the official publishing dates being 20/11/2011 and 01/12/2011 respectively.  They are priced at £3.83 each (just don’t ask me why, I cannot understand how the pricing works, but I can tell you this figure is arrived at as part of some complex maths by the retailer/distributor.  I can only tell you that 20% of price is VAT, 40% goes to retailer, 20% of what’s left goes to distributor, leaving me the creator and publisher with a small enough sum that I can probably count it and definitely not get rich off my readership!  Sigh. However, let’s look on the positive side. You CAN now buy ebooks if you have a Kindle e-reader or use a free Kindle app on smartphone or pc.  The other format (epub) will be up and running soon, very soon (I am assured!) and I’ll alert you all when it happens.