After a weekend with a learning curve akin to the North Face of the Eiger, finally the new, improved, validated (all singing all dancing) epub files have gone back to the distributor. Fingers crossed, breath held and we’ll see when they are available for purchase.

In other news a big thanks has to go to Elijana without whose great ebook  none of it would have been remotely possible and which is definitely the best 86p ever spent!

And Cally Phillips has a short story up on McStorytellers website. Shame it’s not MacStorytellers but whose to quibble. The Stabbin’ O’ Rizzio is up there for all to enjoy.

From 1st December you’ll be able to download a free ebook VOICES IN MA HEID from  in the news section. It’s up there for just a month so get yourself over there and tell your friends.  Not exactly Christmassy fare, but how fussy can you be with something for nothing.

More news soon about THE SPRING COLLECTION from HoAmPresst.