Having had an email late on Friday from distributors saying that The Threads of Time had passed validation but not Brand Loyalty, and another weekend cursing the vagaries of epublishing technology, imagine the surprise to find that both books are listed on firstyfish.com site as NEW BOOKS.   check it out here

Pricing raised even more of an eyebrow. Threads costs £4.16 from there (despite HoAmPresst listing the RRP as £3.99.) And Brand Loyalty, supposedly not even available yet, at £3.99.

All that can be derived from this is a) that the world of ebook publication is very strange once you step out of the simple comfort zone of Amazon or Smashwords, and that b) sometime soon it really will be possible for people to download epub versions of Brand Loyalty ‘across platform.’   And c) that the technology has to really get some joined up thinking going down because this is a weird weird and not very wonderful way of doing publishing so far!