Having just discovered that in fact both Brand Loyalty and Threads of Time are available ALL OVER THE PLACE in epub format, but that no one will find them if they type in Cally Phillips because somewhere along the line someone…. still looking for the culprit, has mis-spelt it as Cally Philips, suddenly the value of ISBN’s becomes apparant.

If you are searching for Brand Loyalty in the short term google ISBN 9780956683892

and if you are looking for The Threads of Time google ISBN 9780956683861  and you should get loads of sites offering. Around £3.50 or £5 seems to be the standard price.  (Kobo is still the best UK price I can see)

While this is a faff, and it would be MUCH EASIER just to be able to type in Cally Phillips, we try to remain sanguine in this season of good will to all men and hope that the error  will be rectified very soon.

Of course if you’re buying on Amazon there’s no problem (though I will point out that in the initial stages of Amazon publication ‘they’ managed to attach the wrong cover to the book so you’d have got something completely different.)  And that the last time I looked there’s an erroneous copy floating around published by fast-print which is much more expensive than the HoAmPresst version.

The problem seems to be with meta-data. Despite sending what we think are perfectly good metadata files out to the distributor, somewhere in the process everything seems to get mangled and such errors occur. Currently HoAmPresst is not always listed as the publisher, which is a pain, but having the author name wrong is a BIG annoyance as this is the main way of searching for something, no?

Hopefully Chasing Waves, the next publication, will have less problems associated with it. Due out some time February, fingers crossed!