Here’s a preview of what you can expect from HoAmPresst in 2012. Appropriate links will be posted as and when the information goes online but this is just a new year sneak preview.

First up sometime Feb/March will be Chasing Waves

The first play to be epublished by HoAmPresst was first performed in 2004.  It is ‘bundled’ together with the unproduced Benito Boccanegra’s Big Break from the early 1990’s.  There are many ‘extras’ in the ebook edition including loads about the process of production of Chasing Waves and an introduction to Benito Boccanegra, explaining how one thing leads to another.

Scheduled for late spring (and spring can come very late up here) but hopefully some time April/May (note the vagaries of epublishing make specific launch dates hard) will be THE SPRING COLLECTION.

This will comprise IN THREE MINDS a trilogy of e-books in which the central characters never meet but are nevertheless linked by ‘perspectives’.  We hope to -publish all the books at the same time because you can read them in any order, and, depending on which order you read them, your own perceptions about the novels will vary.

The novels are: Another World is Possible (has already been published, first as an online blog serial in 2007 with a limited edition paperback as Otro Mundo es Posible and  as a paperback in 2008 but will be slightly revised for this ebook edition) The One that Got Away and Butterfly Dreaming. More information about these will be posted come February on a dedicated site

Keep it real summer reads.

The Summer will bring about limited edition paperbacks of In Three Minds.

The Autumn Collection

Will focus on 10th anniversary e-publications of two plays

Down the Line (2002) A modern adaptation of J.M.Barrie’s classic play The Admirable Crichton

Men in White Suits (2002) First performed as a rehearsed reading at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh in November 2002 and dealing with the issues of the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001.

As you have come to expect with HoAmPresst e-publications there will be loads of extras in the e-books making them good value for money as well as a good addition for your chosen e-reader.