First published on 20/10/2010 as a limited edition paperback

Brand Loyalty published as an ebook on 20/11/2011. Available in Kindle and epub formats

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Amazon UK    Kobo ISBN 9780956683892 (buying link forthcoming)

‘You know I’ve always believed we live in two places. In the moment and in the memory. But we are only truly free in one place, and that is the mind. The goal of ULTIMATE® is to take that freedom from you, but they can only succeed if you let them. Remember, reality is what you choose to believe and life is how you create it.’ (Brand Loyalty, 2010)             

A 1984 for the 21st century, the novel explores a possible world (remarkably like our own) which has been taken over by the corporate totalitarianism of the ULTIMATE® company. Personal identity and meaning have become trading commodities and the central characters struggle to maintain their individuality in the face of a world which has registered®, trademarked™ and copyrighted© their very existence. The one hope is that if ‘reality is what you choose to believe’, the ULTIMATE® view of the world may be subverted and escape may be possible.

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