HoAmPresst’s LATE SPRING COLLECTION 2012 sees a trilogy of novels by Cally Phillips

The trilogy can be read in any order, but the order in which you read it may affect what you believe to be true in the stories.  Characters from each novel are to be found in different perspectives in the other novels and perspective is challenged with every turn.

Another World is Possible is the story of Roisin and Mary from Dublin of the 1960’s to London 2004

The One That Got Away follows Tom Black to Cuba in 1989

Butterfly Dreaming explores the ‘story’ of Tom’s  life from 1960’s through to 2007

The three novels are drawn together by haunting images and challenging themes regarding reality, memory, meaning and identity and just what it is to live a life or to be a character in someone else’s story.

The novels will be available as ebooks on Kindle and epub formats as well as limited edition paperbacks.