A love that is bigger than life and death.

A mystery that transcends time.

A young man struggling to make some sense of his life.

First published in paperback in 2003, Cally Phillips’ first novel takes the reader on an exploration of the connections, the Threads of Time, which form links between past, present and future; through the dimensions of the personality. All the time questions form about the nature of reality. The linearity of life is challenged through the parallel storylines and the myths of history are explored along with a questioning of the nature of external reality or ‘historical fact.’  The central character of Paul is part of a Romantic tradition linking medieval knights with Romantic poets but he ‘finds’ himself in the Celtic warrior of pre-history.The visual immediacy of the storytelling draws the reader right into the minds of the characters and calls for a re-examination of what we think we know about history, reality and love.


This ebook edition includes extra information from the author  about the history and development of the story.